Anfield Sujir Kennedy & Durno LLP is a firm of experienced and progressive corporate and securities law professionals. Originally founded in 1977 as Sobolewski Anfield, Anfield Sujir Kennedy & Durno LLP continues in the same tradition of providing timely advice and cost-effective solutions for its clients, in all aspects of corporate finance and in corporate and securities law.

Servicing a broad spectrum of companies, as well as a number of prominent Canadian underwriting firms, Anfield Sujir Kennedy & Durno LLP provides comprehensive legal advice to companies ranging from high-technology and industrial issuers to natural resource companies, at all stages of development, from private start-ups to emerging and established public companies.

The lawyers at Anfield Sujir Kennedy & Durno LLP sit on the Board of Directors or are Senior Officers of over 20 public companies.